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Life Purpose eBook: Know your God-given purpose

Life Purpose: A Beginner’s Guide is an eBook that will show you the truth about Life Purpose. The word of God is truth.

The mystery that surrounds Life Purpose in the world today is because of wrong information.

God’s purpose for your life is unique and He wired you with gifts and a passion to fulfill it. It was never meant to be a struggle to know what your purpose is. If you want to know why you are on earth, ask God! He’ll be more than happy to tell you.

The world believes that to know your purpose, you need only answer some questions or look into your past. If this were the case, everyone in the world would know why they are on earth. Looking into your past will reveal natural gifts, passions or skills.

You will know your Life Purpose by revelation from God

King David

King David was a shepherd who was herding his father’s sheep until the prophet Samuel visited his family. Samuel anointed David as king of Israel after God rejected Saul, who disobeyed Him (1 Samuel 16:1,12-13). If David were to look back into his past, all he would have seen were a bunch of sheep and a couple of lions and bears. He would not have seen himself sitting on the throne as king of Israel. He wouldn’t have known he was a mighty warrior meant to fight his nation’s enemies.

Prophet Elisha

Look at the calling of Elisha the prophet. God sent Elijah to anoint Elisha as the prophet who would succeed him (1 Kings 19:16). In the meantime, Elisha was busy working his land with his twelve oxen. He was farming until Elijah came to anoint him as prophet. If Elisha were to look into his past, he would have thought his calling was in the area of farming.

Apostle Paul

Consider the Apostle Paul. He was persecuting Christians trying to defend his forefathers’ traditions. He was anti-Christ. Paul was successful in his self appointed purpose. After an encounter with Jesus, Paul got a revelation of his purpose. From that time he became a preacher of the gospel. He acknowledged his purpose was through revelation from Jesus (Galatians 1:11-12).

In the stories of David, Elisha and Paul, we see God revealing purpose to these men.They do not try to figure it out, answer many questions or look into their pasts. In the same way, God will reveal to you your life purpose.

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Josephine Ngatia

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