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Saved from What?

5 Things from Which a Believer of Jesus Christ is Saved

Have you ever wondered what believers of Jesus Christ mean when they say they are saved?

A common question believers get from unbelievers is “What are you saved from?” Sometimes they ask the question with a tone of ridicule.

When God sent a Saviour – Jesus Christ – He knew we needed salvation from our sins so we could live abundant lives and spend eternity with Him. The abundant life is one where we are whole, prosperous, healthy and free.

Salvation is not only about going to heaven, such that many imagine they can get saved when they are old and about to die. The abundant life begins today, if you accept God’s gift of salvation, Jesus Christ.

Saved from What? is a Special Report that will give you details on five things from which a believer of Jesus Christ is saved.

Salvation is a free gift that God gave the world through Jesus Christ. Receive it today!

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