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Special Report: 20 Questions people ask about their God-given purpose

Knowing and fulfilling your God-given purpose begins with knowing what it is

The longing in each of us for eternal things makes us search for God and the purpose of life. God created each of us with this desire and it always draws us to ask: Why do I exist?  

Unfortunately, people have used purpose as a tool to achieve greatness, significance and bliss. But, was this how God wanted us to look at the purpose of life? Don’t get me wrong, the world will notice you when you are fulfilling your God-given purpose. However, your purpose is not a means to an end. 

People are in search of their purpose hoping it will sort out their problems and give their lives meaning. The thing is, your life already has meaning right from when you were born. It does not have meaning when you do something. It has meaning because of who you are. 

Man’s definition of purpose falls short of capturing its divine nature. This has brought a lot of confusion about what it really is. The human mind can’t be the determinant of something divine. Many people are asking questions about the true nature of purpose, yet the answers are in the word of God. If you ask God to give you a revelation of your purpose, He will. 

The Purpose Q&A Volume 1 is a Special Report containing the common questions people have about their God-given purpose. I draw the answers from the word of God. Some questions include:

  1. Why is life purpose hard to find?
  2. How do I know my purpose? 
  3. Why can’t I hear God when I inquired about my purpose?
  4. I know my purpose but things are not falling into place, what is the problem?

It was never God’s intention for you to struggle to know and fulfill your life’s purpose. He guides you by His word, which is a light for your path. 

If you have questions about God’s purpose for your life, The Purpose Q&A Volume 1 is for you. It has 20 questions that people ask about their God-given purpose.

Download The Purpose Q&A Volume 1 below

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