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9 Principles to Help You Thrive as a Christian in a Secular Workplace

Happy New Year!

A new year comes with new beginnings. Everyone looks forward to new things in every area of life. Work is no different. Many people are hoping for a better experience in their jobs, and others want to change theirs. As a Christian in a secular workplace, you may wonder how you will hold on to your faith in Christ, overcome persecution and thrive. Daniel faced the same situation you are and from his story, we learn how to navigate an ungodly environment. 

Daniel’s example

Daniel was a high ranking administration official in the Babylonian kingdom. He was a man of great faith and succeeded despite being in an environment that didn’t honour God. Diviners, astrologers and magicians were among his colleagues, yet he surpassed them all in the workplace (Daniel 1:20). He is the only one who could interpret the king’s dreams when they couldn’t.

Daniel succeeded because he chose to obey God rather than engage in the wickedness of Babylon. God protected him and equipped him with wisdom and knowledge, which earned him promotions. When his colleagues set him up, and king Darius ordered him to be thrown into the lions’ den, Daniel held on to the only One who could save him – God. 

Like Daniel, you can trust that God will help you succeed in a workplace that is full of ungodliness and spiritual practices that are not of Him. 

Success in the Workplace is a downloadable eBook that will give you 9 principles to help you thrive as a Christian in a secular workplace. The principles are from the book of Daniel. 

Success in the Workplace: 9 Principles to help you thrive as a Christian in a secular workplace

In this free eBook, you will find principles such as:

  1. Promotion comes from God
  2. Don’t practice idolatry because they are
  3. Discern when the current season is over

Download your copy of Success in the Workplace below (No email address required)

Many Christians want to work in a church, Christian ministry or faith-based organization where biblical principles rule. The truth is: most will not work in these workplaces but secular ones. It’s only God who can help you thrive in a workplace that has nothing to do with Him. 

The book of Daniel has a lot of wisdom to show you how to keep your faith and not engage in practices that will leave you in spiritual bondage. If God equipped Daniel to thrive in Babylon, he can help you thrive in a secular workplace. 

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