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What is Salvation? (PDF EBOOK)

This is the introduction page of the What is Salvation? PDF eBook.

A New Believer’s Guide to the Gift of Grace By Jesus Christ

It’s free! You don’t do anything to deserve it. You don’t clean up before you receive it. Come as you are and let Jesus do the cleaning up.

Many new believers say the prayer of salvation and give their lives to Christ without fully comprehending the gift of salvation. They know they are saved but don’t know what comes with the salvation package or what they are entitled to as believers.

What is Salvation? The Urban Christian

What is Salvation? is a guide that will go into detail about the gift of grace that comes by Jesus Christ.

There are people in the world who wonder what salvation is and what it means to them. Others say they don’t do the “Jesus thing” because it seems like some kind of bondage with restrictions they don’t think they can handle. Some question how Jesus can save them if He never saved Himself from the cross.

What is Salvation? keeps it simple and to the point and helps you understand what it means to be saved.

Salvation is a gift God gave the world out of His great love for us. He promised that whoever would receive it, they would not perish but have everlasting life. This gift came through Jesus, who gave of Himself as a sacrifice for the world.

One thing is for sure when you receive the gift of salvation, your life will never be the same. The gift of salvation is by grace, that is, you don’t do anything to deserve it. It’s God’s gift to you by His grace. Yours is to graciously receive it by faith, and God will transform your heart. God doesn’t give you this gift because of something you did, He gives it to you because He loves you.

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