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How to Rest in God

Our souls are not always at rest, even when our bodies are. We strive to get things done in our strength and keep ourselves busy 24/7 without giving our minds a break. Sometimes we think God is taking too long to answer our prayers because we are on a schedule.

Other times we believe God can’t do what we want and decide to do it ourselves. We work so hard to gain the approval of those who will never approve of us. These things make us restless and soon enough our souls get weary.

Restlessness leaves your mind exhausted because you are not giving it a break. You are busy figuring out many things that you once left in God’s hands. Busyness clogs our minds and hampers our ability to bear fruit for the kingdom.

Unanswered prayers, burdening situations, and lack of clarity can trigger restlessness in us. We have to learn how to trust God in every situation, good or bad, so that we can find rest in Him.

In How to Rest in God, you will learn:

  1. The definition of resting in God
  2. What happens when we don’t rest in God
  3. Why we become restless
  4. Practical ways to rest in God
How to Rest in God

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